We live in a culture that’s moving so quickly that for many children it’s too much to emotionally digest, so they get left behind. What we try to do is to slow everything down, . . . open up a space in which kids can be who they really are.
— Ed Thorney, original director, Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program

The Time Out Foundation became an official rescue and therapeutic riding facility in 2008. We specialize in equine therapy, though the property also houses goats, cats, dogs, and chickens. The owner and founder, Korinne Kalser, had been rescuing animals long before we had a title, and in healing her horses she realized just how much they can heal us.

From our 35-acre farm in beautiful northwest Connecticut, we offer long-term, non-residential support through individualized, nature-based therapeutic experiences. We work with one child at a time, and we do so in a nonjudgmental environment that is safe, respectful, and free of social pressures.

In a warp-speed world too often blind to the needs of its youth, TimeOut Foundation is a community where children can find room to breathe. Toward that end, the foundation is centered around two main therapeutic programs: Equine-Assisted Therapy and Horse Care, and Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring. Each program integrates professional counseling with hands-on outdoor activities chosen according to individual needs, abilities, and preference.

While TimeOut Foundation’s mission is to create a self-nurturing environment where children can be free of the stresses of our society, our long-term goal is even more ambitious: to develop a model of  approach to experience-centered healing that can be replicated in other communities. TimeOut Foundation is focused on the kids of the Northwest Corner, but we want to help children everywhere.