Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program

Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program

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The Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program integrates one-on-one professional counseling with outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering, ropes course and bicycling. For children who are interested, the program also offers opportunities to be involved with the horses that are part of the Equine-Assisted Therapy Program. On bad-weather days, participants typically spend their time indoors immersed in hands-on activities such as rustic-furniture making, photography, table tennis, or playing music.

The program is meant to inspire, challenge, and help children face and overcome the unique emotional or physical barriers standing between them and success in life.  During these sessions, the child is the absolute center of attention, and there are no distractions. Each day is different, but it’s always full of fun, exploration, and adventure.

During each individual’s time in the program, parents, guardians, school personnel, and health practitioners are all treated as an integral part of the support team and are regularly updated on the child’s progress. This is accomplished through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and emails meant to provide all those involved opportunities to share and develop effective counseling strategies.

In all instances, the child’s parents are asked to take part in the program as well, and a portion of the experience is devoted to teaching the family solution-based skills that reduce conflict and encourage growth. Most children remain in the program for at least one year; some stay for three or more years and ultimately go on to volunteer their own time with Time Out Foundation.


For Wilderness -Based Therapeutic Mentoring please call 860.435.6424.