Corinne Kalser

TimeOut founder Cory Kalser is animal-lover, internist, and ER physician with a mission “to make the world a better place.” She grew up in Lakeville, and now lives at the TOF farm with her husband, David McArthur, and their daughter Devou.

John Mahoney

John, a mentor in TOF’s Wilderness-Based Therapeutic Mentoring Program, has extensive experience in team development, manufacturing, and early-childhood education. A life-long outdoor enthusiast, he integrates his love of nature with his unique style of adventure-based counseling. He is the father of four grown children and lives with his wife, Helen, in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.

David McArthur

David, a licensed clinical social worker, grew up in Lakeville and remembers fondly the way his home was always open to all the kids in the neighborhood. He lives at the TOF farm with his wife, Cory Kalser, and their daughter Devou.