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Animal Assisted Therapy

“AAT is a therapeutic modality  with goals that are consistent with all the basic counseling theoretical orientations.  It is considered an adjunct to therapy in that it encourages and facilitates client motivation and participation, enhances the client–therapist relationship, stimulates client focus and attention to task, and reinforces positive client change. AAT can be integrated with any style of counseling practice, be it directive or nondirective. It offers a variety of techniques that are flexible enough to be applied in individual, group, or family therapy formats. Most Insurances accepted.

Beginners horsemanship

Learning Horsemanship from the ground up, care and feeding, grooming, health care, care of tack, basic training from the ground, and basic riding skills, bareback and saddle.

10:00AM - 5:00PM

Ages 6 to 17  

Morning and afternoon riding classes

1 to 5 days a week

1 hour of riding, other activities throughout the entire day

Please contact for information on riding lessons:

Abby Silvernail - 860-480-2721


Cassidy Burcroff - 860-671-8118